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Best Dental Implant Clinics in Turkey

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The average price of dental implant in Turkey is $890, the minimum price is $440, and the maximum price is $1450.
Turkey Germany Israel
All-on-4 Dental Implants from $2615 - -
All-on-6 Dental Implants from $4500 - -
Installation of a dental implant with crown from $250 - -
Dental Implant from $432 from $2770 -
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  • Above average
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The Best Dental Implant Doctors in Turkey

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Melike Kasap
Melike Kasap
Bursa , Turkey
Estetik International Bursa
Online consultation

Request for details

Bursa , Turkey
Estetik International Bursa
The doctor specializes in the following areas:
Dr. Melike Kasap is a dentist specialized in pulpitis treatment and conservative oral cavity therapy without tooth extraction. Also performs tooth enamel restoration, dental recontouring, veneers and jaw implants placement. Education  The Faculty of Dentistry at Marmara University (Turkey). Membersh ...
Diagnostic & treatment program
One Tooth Implantation price
Total price
$1083 $1803
Dentakademi Oral and Dental Health Center Turkey, Istanbul
Emrah Ipek
Dentist · 15 years of experience
Emrah Ipek
local_hospital Medical procedures Included keyboard_arrow_down
Dental Implant
One Tooth implantation with a Porcelain Crown Fused To Metal On Implant
local_taxi Transfer keyboard_arrow_down
Included in price
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Porcelain Crown with 7 years guarantee
favorite_border 24/7 Bookimed assistance keyboard_arrow_down

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Full Mouth implantation price
Total price
Hospitadent Dental Clinic Turkey, Istanbul
Ebru Hattatoglu
 Ebru Hattatoglu
local_hospital Medical procedures Included keyboard_arrow_down
Dental Implant
Consultation by a head Doctor and Specialists Panoramic X-Ray Dental Tomography 12 BEGO Dental Implants + 15 Bego Abutmnets 24 Zirconium Crowns on Implants NOTE: Tooth extraction, sinuslifting, bone grafting are not included
local_hotel Accommodation keyboard_arrow_down
10 nights Hotel accommodation (4 nights 1st for visit and 6 for second visit)
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Private Transfer Airport-Hotel-Airport
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Native speaker translator
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done Personal medical coordinator

done Medical travel arrangements — booking of air tickets and hotel rooms at special partner prices

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Feb 6, 2020
The patient underwent dental implant
star star star star_border star_border

Thanks for the help, I have already left Istanbul. I completed the first stage, the second will be in half a year. My husband and I had prosthetics, the husband, in principle, was satisfied, he had no complaints, but he had a simple case. I can’t say for myself unambiguously, I know for sure, if it were possible to return, I would not go to this clinic and would not recommend it. I generally want to do an independent check. My complaints are solely about prosthetics, the operation did seem to be good. Thanks again. Спасибо за помощь, я уже покинула Стамбул. Мне закончили первый этап, второй будет через пол года. Мы с мужем протезировали зубы, муж в принципе доволен, у него претензий нет, но у него был простой случай. Про себя я не могу сказать однозначно, знаю точно, если бы можно было вернуть, я бы в эту клинику не поехала и рекомендовать не стала. Я вообще хочу сделать независимую проверку. Мои претензии исключительно к протезированию, операцию сделали вроде хорошо. Спасибо, ещё раз.

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Anonymous Sep 27, 2019
The patient underwent dental implant in Dentakademi Oral and Dental Health Center
star star star star star

The staff were first class The Hospital is first class The driver was helpful and first class They made you feel welcome and did their best to answer any fears you might have The coordinator found time to assist in any appointments, travel or location to make your stay as pleasant and trouble free as possible. With out a doubt they made you feel welcome. The procedures and treatment for the amount of work in my case was surprisingly far from as painful as I feared. Yes you will feel some soreness but it's well worth the little discomfort. I would fully recommend using bookimed in Eastanbul for your Dental care.

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Dental Implant
About the procedure
From $440
Local anesthesia
2 days in country
1 hours duration
30 days rehab

What do you need to know about Dental Implant in Turkey?

Fahad Mawlood

Medical editor info

20.08.2018 · Updated 26.02.2020

What is dental implantation?

Teeth implantation is a type of dental prosthetics when doctors completely restore a missing tooth or teeth. Both roots and dental crowns are restored. Dental implantation is especially useful for adentia (tooth loss) treatment.

What techniques of dental implantation are available?

  • One-stage surgery — the method is applied to place an abutment during an operation. An abutment attached to the gum tissues connects the implant and the bone into the mouth. The procedure is carried out only once and does not require much effort.
  • Two-stage surgery — this is a classic method of tooth restoration. A procedure is applied to replace teeth if there is no immediate need for a cosmetic solution. A surgeon puts the implant into the jawbone for healing. After this process, the surgeon performs the second surgery to place the abutment and a crown.
  • Implantation after tooth removal — this is the easiest method used after the root was removed. A surgeon places the implant and augments a supragingival part of the tooth.

What are the additional surgeries for dental implants?

  • Bone augmentation — the technique restores the bone in the patient’s jaw. A surgeon adds the material around the implant to support it.
  • Ridge expansion — a doctor performs this surgery when the jaw is not wide enough to support implants. Depending on the case, simultaneous dental implants may be preferred during ridge expansion.
  • All-on-4/6/8 — such a procedure helps to install 4-8 implants per 1 toothless jaw. All-on-four service restores teeth in 1 day only with 4 implants (6 or 8). It does not require any additional interventions.

How do specialists implant the teeth?

  1. During the first visit, a dentist assesses the condition of the patient's gums, jawbone, remaining teeth and develops a treatment plan. Therefore, it is necessary to take a panoramic x-ray that shows all dental issues. If there are ambiguities, the doctor may recommend a jaw study on a CT scan.
  1. Dentists fix the dental implant, like the natural root, in the bone.
  1. The patient is under local anesthesia. The specialist makes an incision in the gum where the tooth is missed to expose the bone.
  1. The dentist makes a hole in the bone with a special sterile drill. After that, the doctor screws and fixes the artificial root in the bone and suturing the incision.
  1. A week after the procedure, the patient undergoes the examination. The dentist removes the stitches.
  1. Depending on the initial state of the bone, in 3-6 months after the tooth implantation, the expert creates a dental crown of individual shape and color.
  1. The tooth can be attached to the implant with a special cement or screw. Screw fixation is most often used so that, if necessary, the prosthesis can be easily removed and repaired.

See the whole process in the video.

Who needs dental implants?

Teeth implantation is the most effective option for people with:

  • one or more teeth loss
  • the several teeth in a row absence
  • no extreme teeth in the row
  • complete adentia (when all teeth are missing).

For some people, dental implants are the most comfortable way to restore lost teeth; for others — this way is the only one possible. Conventional dentures and bridges are not suitable for those who suffer from diseases of the oral mucosa, have weak alveolar processes, and suffer from nausea while wearing conventional prostheses.

What are the results after the procedure?

In 95-97% of cases, the dental implant is accepted. However, implant rejection is the most significant risk. Rejection may happen because of:

  • systemic diseases (AIDS, HIV, diabetes, hypertension)
  • installation of low-quality implants
  • non-compliance with doctor's recommendations after implantation (excessive load of the implant, poor oral hygiene, smoking)
  • medical error.

Throughout the entire period of implant engraftment, the patient should regularly visit a dentist.

How long is the dental implant recovery process?

An average period of recovery after teeth implantation procedure lasts about 1-2 months. However, that depends on each patient’s case. In general, the duration of recovery depends on:

  • number of implants installed
  • sinus lifting performing
  • bone grafting conducting.

What are the complications after the dental implant?

During the first days after the procedure, the following complications can occur:

  • implant rejection
  • pain
  • swelling
  • bleeding.

To avoid severe complications after the procedure, follow the doctor’s recommendations. Eat soft food, do not smoke or drink alcohol. Get painkillers if the pain is unbearable. In several days the discomfort will go away.

What should you know about Turkey before the trip?


lira (you also can pay for services in dollars and euros)

Best period for the trip



Turkish (most of medical staff speaks English fluently)


is not required for a trip of at least 30 days per visit

Time difference with Europe

3 hours

Time difference with the USA

8 hours



Medical tourism center


Popular resorts

Alanya, Antalya, Kemer, Marmaris

What is the level of medicine in Turkey?

Healthcare is the key development sector of the Turkish government. The Turkish authorities are convinced that care for the citizens' health should be an absolute priority of state policy and spend about 77 billion liras for healthcare annually.

As a result, 28,000 medical facilities provide excellent medical care in the country. About 50 centers have certificate of JCI (Joint Commission International), the international improver of healthcare quality and safety across the globe. The index of certificates obtained is the largest. To compare,Israel has 20 JCI-accredited facilities, and Germany — only 10 clinics of this type.

Why is Turkey trendy for medical tourism?

Turkey is also a well-known country globally due to high-skilled doctors that undergo internships in American and European institutions. Patients from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, the UAE, Jordan, and Lebanon prefer treatment in Turkey to other places.

Highly developed medical centers and first-rate therapeutic services at affordable prices attract people from all over the world. Over 1 mln international patients travel to Turkey annually. So Turkey is among Top 10 countries with the most developed medical tourism sector.

Turkey is a top destination for medical tourists because of low-costs. You may save up to 50% on services compared to European countries or the USA due to the average local citizens' income and general price policy within the country.

What hotel services are provided here?

In Turkey, hotels of different price ranges and service levels are presented. The level of Turkish hotels is comparable to hotels in Tunisia, Morocco or Egypt. Most tourists choose 4 and 5 star hotels with all-inclusive meals. Such hotels have everything for a comfortable stay: varied food, a large well-groomed territory, animation for children and adults. Some hotels have their own water park, which guests can use for free. Budget travelers can afford to book an economical 3-star hotel with half board or no meals at all.

When is the best time to travel to Turkey?

The main advantage of Turkish resorts is the long beach season. On the Mediterranean coast, it starts in April and lasts until November. In the resorts of the Aegean Sea — from May to October. The most comfortable time for swimming is from mid-June to the end of October. A large influx of tourists is in July-August, when the air temperature is +38°C, and the water warms up to +27°C.

Do I need a visa?

Today the Republic of Turkey has visa-free agreements with 89 states. Some foreigners are exempted from obtaining entry visas, others are required to receive an electronic visa (e-Visa), and still others must apply for a visa at Turkish missions abroad.

What states need a visa for treatment in Turkey and what countries can cross the border free and easy read here.

What documents are required to apply for a visa to Turkey for treatment?

Visas for travel to Turkey require a number of documents. The necessary papers can be submitted 90 days before the planned departure. Lists of documents includes:

  • ID card
  • confirmation of online registration and filling out the questionnaire
  • certificate of income and availability of funds ($50 per day per person)
  • insurance policy for a stay in Turkey (original and copy)
  • 2 photos (5x6)
  • visa receipt
  • booking of flight and hotel
  • medical opinion about the need for treatment.
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