20 Rhinoplasty (nose job) Clinics in Republic of Korea

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How much does rhinoplasty (nose job) cost in Republic of Korea?

The average price of rhinoplasty (nose job) in Republic of Korea is $4400, the minimum price is $2350, and the maximum price is $8500.
Republic of Korea United States of America Mexico Turkey
Rhinoplasty (nose job) from $2350 - from $2500 from $2200
Tip rhinoplasty from $817 - - from $1390
Closed rhinoplasty from $1221 - from $2800 from $1500
Open rhinoplasty from $2040 - from $2800 from $1500
Revision rhinoplasty from $2160 - from $3000 from $1800
  • Below average
  • Above average
According to 20 clinics presented in the ranking

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JK Plastic Surgery Center
Total price
$6000 $7500
JK Plastic Surgery Center Republic of Korea, Seoul
Medical procedures Included
Rhinoplasty (nose job)
Rhinoplasty Postoperative care procedures in our clinic and tests included in the price.
View Plastic Surgery Hospital
Total price
From $3100
View Plastic Surgery Hospital Republic of Korea, Seoul
Medical procedures Included
Rhinoplasty (nose job)
How many days do I need to stay in Republic of Korea?
7 days
How much extra money do I need (additional to the procedure)?
A night in a 5-star hotel breakfast included — $200. A night in a 4-star hotel breakfast included — $120. A night in a 3-star hotel breakfast included — $80. Lunch & dinner — $40.
Do I need a visa?
For citizens of the UK and the USA: visa is not required.
For citizens of other countries — please visit ivisa.com to find more details on entry requirements to South Korea.
What payment options are available?
PayPal, cash, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard).
Flight tickets to South Korea: are not included in the price.
Transfer: clinics offer an airport-clinic-airport transfer for extra payment.

Highly rated Rhinoplasty (nose job) clinics in Republic of Korea

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1 review

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The Best Rhinoplasty (nose Job) Doctors in Republic of Korea

Information about doctors who accept foreign patients is provided by clinics

Kim Jin Joong
Seoul , Republic of Korea
Seoul Queen Plastic Surgery
Online consultation

Request for details

Seoul, Republic of Korea
Seoul Queen Plastic Surgery
Kim Sung Sik
Seoul , Republic of Korea
JK Plastic Surgery Center
( 7 reviews )
Online consultation

Request for details

Seoul, Republic of Korea
JK Plastic Surgery Center
13 years of experience
Kim Dong Gul
Seoul , Republic of Korea
POP Plastic Surgery
Online consultation

Request for details

Seoul, Republic of Korea
POP Plastic Surgery
Dr. Kim Dong Gul is a board-certified and renowned plastic surgeon based in South Korea, an expert in plastic surgery with over 15 years of practice. Leads by the medical team at POP Plastic Surgery Center. Specializes in facial contouring, rhinoplasty, lifting & anti-aging and mammoplasty. Work ...
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Rhinoplasty (nose job) Reviews by Bookimed patients

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Bookimed logo 2
Google logo Google Reviews 6
Очень добросовестные и отзывчивые специалисты! Будут вести вас до пункта назначения! Помогут решить все ваши проблемы! Ответят на все вопросы!! Подберут подходящие рейсы если есть необходимость, посоветуют отели!!! Лично я безмерно благодарна Юлии Смолка, Дарье Лазаревой, Катерине Кочерган и всему коллективу компании Букимед!!! Спасибо что вы есть!!!
I needed to have a spinal mri in Italy, and couldn’t find any clinic that could do it. It was either a 4 month wait, clinic never called me back, or they hung up because my Italian wasn’t very good. I contacted Bookimed and within hours they responded and put me in touch with a lovely woman in Milan who got me an appointment at a private clinic in Milan in 2 days. She accompanied me throughout the appointment and translated when necessary. Something I dreaded ended up being a smooth and easy process. Thank you.
Mohammed Yousif
Thanksfull to bookimed for help me for my surgery in my brain they support me by one of best doctor in that section and he advised me many choices of surgery and hospital offers . I hope see them in top always they deserve 5 Stars. 😊
После предварительного собеседования. Предоставиди выбор из несскольких клиник. Связали с представителем выбранной клиники. Дали контакты. Все дальнейшее общении и информацию получал напрямую от представителя клиники. Никаки предоплат не требовалось. Все договоренности были выполнены по заранее договоренным датам, без каких либо накладок. Договор на мед обслуживани заключался в клинике непосредственно перед госпитализацией. Спасибо сайту за грамотную оценку необходимых услуг и быстрый выход на необходимую клинику.
I had to book 3 appointments in a hospital at Istanbul for my brother and his wife, both with serious health problems. I have contacted Bookimed who had reacted immediately and put me in touch with Dr Emad Hussein. After listening to the description of the sicknesses of my relatives, Dr Hussein explained very clearly what are the medical documents to have for the day of appointment as well as all administrative steps to follow. Then he put in touch with Mrs Farah from Liv Hospital for the appointments and she has been very efficient and helpful. I do not know how to thank Dr Hussein and bookimed for the excellent service provided. Nadia
Марі Сірик
Очень и очень довольна взаимодействием с Букимед. Прошла лечение от рака молочной железы. В ноябре 2018 года летала на обследование в Стамбул, клиники Медиполь и Анадолу. Помогли с билетами, организацией поездки, всегда оставались на связи. Координатор от Букимеда имеет медицинское образование, может качественно проконсультировать по поводу клиник, врачей. Лично для меня это большой плюс. До этого я лечилась в Израиле, организовывала все своими силами и потратила несравнимо больше времени, сил и нервов. Буду работать с Букимед в будущем и рекомендовать знакомым.
Very helpful and nice people. They’re quick on response, and they give the best recommendations.
My experience with bookimad was great; the thing that I appreciate is the high sense of humanity of the staff, especially Dr Farruk Ahmed. He answer all my questions in time, he read my poor English and make me feel comfortable, such thing is so important for someone that suffer. I know they do their best to help. Thank you Dr.

2 positive reviews on rhinoplasty (nose job) in Republic of Korea

Anonymous Aug 14, 2019
The patient underwent rhinoplasty in Banobagi Clinic

Everything was very professional ! The doctors were very honest and caring they really care about what isn’t the best for you!

Marina Apr 19, 2019
The patient underwent rhinoplasty in JK Plastic Surgery Center

All perfectly ! Alexey, special thanks Все отлично ! Алексею , отдельное спасибо

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1 negative reviews on rhinoplasty (nose job) in Republic of Korea

Shenne Mar 15, 2019
The patient was treated of deviated septum in View Plastic Surgery Hospital

The clinic itself is excellent but not sure after the operation that it will be good, the rehabilitation period is delayed Клиника сама отличная но после операции не уверена, что хорошо будет, реабилитационный период затягивается

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Dmitriy Lee Representative of View Plastic Surgery Hospital Dec 19, 2019

Здравствуйте, Период реабилитации зависит от индивидуальных особенностей пациента. Свяжитесь с нами напрямую (контакные данные на нашем сайте) и мы ответим на все ваши вопросы!

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송승준 Jun 27, 2017
JK Plastic Surgery Center

친절하고 참좋았어요 친절 써비스는 거의 1등

Dwina Yosefanny Apr 30, 2017
JK Plastic Surgery Center

The staff emailed me back rudely and unprofessional

꿈돌이 Mar 9, 2020
Seoul National University Bundang Hospital (SNUBH)

병의원에서 치료가 잘 안되면 바로 오세요시간 끌다가 병이 깊어질 수 있어요

임남빈 Mar 6, 2020
Seoul National University Bundang Hospital (SNUBH)

직원들 너무 사무적인 말투와비싼 음식점 값,가격강패 결정타 주차비에 토나올것같음입원환자에게도 주차비를 받음.환자를 복도에 3시간 넘게 방치하고...다되었다고해서 다른과에 갔더만 주사 안맞추었다고 오라가라...열받아서 뭐이런 개같은 병원이 있는지...그냥 서울대학본병원에가서 치료받을걸 후회 막심중...산부인과는 별루임.의사와소통불가임 모든게 예약한날에 궁금한점 물어봐야함.치료중간에급한일이있거나궁금한점절대의사나간호사의조언통화안됨.콜센터도절대로연결안해줌.무조건예약날이아님궁금한점급한일은응급실에가서치료를받고조치를받아야함.월급의사들이라환자편의절대안봐줌..2동지하1층휴게실의자에 눕지 말라고 얼마전 나무칸막이로 박아 놓은걸 보고 참 야박함의 병원 현실이 보임. 신경외과의사방앞에 전기로 교모세포종 치료를했다는것광고있기에 그걸우리아이에게해줄수있냐니깐이건우리나라에서는안됩니다.장난하나...항암쌤도영자신없어하기에바로본대학로연건동서울대학교병윈으로전원시키니...뇌신경외과 교수님 이종양 제거 가능하다고하는데기가막히고열받았슴...이병원만믿고있다가그냥우리아이죽을수있다는생각에...여러분 잘생각하시고병원선택하세요...분당은 지방 체인점 병원인가 봅니다.

Cherry Berry Sep 5, 2014
View Plastic Surgery Hospital


Viktoriya Vychugghanina Mar 20, 2020
Severance Hospital

Good service, polite staff, they speak Russian. Everything is at the highest level !!! They made a certificate of health, everything is fast, clear and understandable. I recommend this place.

TOMMY YOUN Mar 17, 2020
Severance Hospital

정기적으로 채혈하러가고 있는데, 코로나 때문에 입구부터 방역.

Youngmin CHO Feb 25, 2020
Samsung Medical Center

간호사들이 정말 친절하다. 칭찬카드로 고마음을 표시할 수 있다.

김지우 Feb 9, 2020
Samsung Medical Center

다들 매우 친절하시고 좋지만 처치가 늦어서 불편했습니다.3번 갔는데 괜찮았어요.집에서 75km 떨어져 있는 곳이라 멀어서 다시 가지는 않을 것 같아요.

오명철 Jun 13, 2018
POP Plastic Surgery

팝성형외과 원장님 정말 착하고 진실한 의사분 같아요.

양희승 Jun 12, 2018
POP Plastic Surgery

김원장님 무궁한 발전을 기원합니다. 굿

Rhinoplasty (nose job)
About the procedure
75% satisfied
From $2350
General anesthesia
3 days in hospital
7 days in country
2 hours duration
10 days rehab

FAQ about Rhinoplasty (nose job) in Republic of Korea

Fahad Mawlood

Medical editor

15.12.2014 · Updated 07.07.2020

What should you know about rhinoplasty in South Korea?

What are the advantages of a nose job in South Korea?

  • Qualified plastic surgeons. The main advantage of rhinoplasty in South Korea is the experience of doctors. They have been working in the field of aesthetic surgery for more than 20 years, undergo training and internships in clinics in Europe and the USA, and are included in the Top list of the best plastic surgeons in the world.
  • Technologies that allow you to see the result of rhinoplasty before the procedure. Before the operation, Korean doctors perform 3D-modeling of the result. During the consultation, the surgeon takes a panoramic picture of the face and, using a special program, selects the suitable shape and size of the nose with the patient.
  • Affordable cost. The price of rhinoplasty in South Korea is lower than in the United Kingdom and the United States. For example, rhinoplasty in the United States costs from $5,000 to $10,000, which is at least twice as much as in South Korea. The cost of a nose job in South Korea is approximately $4,500 according to the Bookimed stats. The difference in price is explained by the level of economic development of the country.
  • High-quality services. Patients of Korean clinics receive high quality medical care and service, which is confirmed by accreditation of the Joint Commission International (JCI) — the global organization that monitors level of services and patients’ safety in the clinics worldwide.

How to get rhinoplasty in South Korea?

Submit a request on the website and a Bookimed medical coordinator will contact you and answer your questions about rhinoplasty in South Korea, the cost of the procedure in different centers and help you choose the best one. You can also request a portfolio of plastic surgeons to see the examples of nose jobs performed by a particular surgeon.

If necessary, a Bookimed medical coordinator will help you with booking tickets and accommodation.

Why do thousands of patients prefer to get a nose job in South Korea?

  • Affordable prices — the cost of rhino in South Korea is 1.5-2 times lower than in the US, UK, and some European countries.
  • Safe control — medical associations including the World Medical Association and the South Korean Ministry of Health monitor the services quality and patients’ safety in the local clinics and guarantee rhinoplasty in South Korea is really safe.
  • Doctors’ experience — plastic surgeons here have vast experience and perform hundreds of operations each year. Most of them undergo overseas internships and are members of international societies and organizations.
  • Opportunity to combine plastic surgery and vacation — because of the mild climate, unique culture, and high quality of food and accommodation, South Korea has become one of the best countries for nose shape improvement and rest.

How to choose the right hospital and surgeon for rhinoplasty in the country?

To avoid complications, side effects after the operation and speed up the recovery time, it’s crucial to choose the right clinic and experienced surgeon. When choosing a clinic and doctor, pay attention to:

  • accreditation/certification of clinics from Joint Commission International (JCI) or the South Korean Ministry of Health to make sure the chosen facility meets the highest standards of hygiene and patients’ safety
  • membership of clinic and surgeon in any national and international medical association that confirm qualification in the field of plastic surgery
  • before/after photos to make sure you get desired result after the nose job
  • success rates and years of experience that prove you will get high-quality services.

Also, the surgeon must be certified and recognized by international professional associations such as the Korean International Medical Association (KIMA), the Korean Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and the Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons.

Who is the best nose surgeon in South Korea?

The best nose surgeons in South Korea usually practice in the private clinics. You can learn more about the top doctors, their qualification, and results of rhino procedures performed by them by following this link.

What to do if the result does not satisfy you?

The surgeon operates according to a 3D model approved with the patient. If the result differs from the model, the doctor performs the second operation for free. If the new nose coincides with the 3D model, but the patient wants to fix something additionally, revision rhinoplasty is paid.

It is important to perform the second operation as soon as possible, while the cartilage and bone tissue are easier to correct. If the swelling has subsided, the doctor prescribes the procedure the next day.

What affects the cost of rhinoplasty in Korea?

The cost of rhinoplasty in South Korea depends on such factors as:

  • type of operation — non-surgical rhinoplasty is cheaper than the surgery.
  • the volume of surgery — the more nose tissues you need to correct, the higher the cost of the operation.

What does the price of rhinoplasty in South Korea include?

Usually, the price of rhinoplasty in Korean clinics includes:

  • consultation with a plastic surgeon
  • 3D modeling of the result
  • the operation itself
  • hospitalization for 1 day.

To get information on transferring from/to the airport, language assistance and the cost of nose surgery at a specific medical center, contact your Bookimed medical coordinator.

Need help?

Medical coordinators consult you and help to make the right choice. Bookimed services are free for you and do not affect the clinic's bill.

Bookimed assistant helps you find the best option for rhinoplasty (nose job)
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