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The average price of breast augmentation in Republic of Korea is $11200, the minimum price is $4700, and the maximum price is $20700.
Republic of Korea Turkey Germany
Breast augmentation from $4700 from $2500 from $7718
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JK Plastic Surgery Center Republic of Korea, Seoul
Kwon Soon-Hong
Plastic Surgery · 17 years of experience
Kwon Soon-Hong
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Breast augmentation
Testing (with general anesthesia) takes place in the clinic With sedative anesthesia, testing is not required, but we are consulting on your health condition. If necessary, testing is required, which also takes place in the clinic. Daily nursing of patients by nurses and surgeon Daily procedures to reduce edema and bruises from day 3 after surgery
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Room cost of the hotel at the clinic is 200,000 won (single number), however, when performing an operation under general anesthesia, the cost is: 150,000 won + breakfast included.
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For surgery above 7,000,000 KRW is granted one way transfer, when performing an operation for the amount 10,000,000 won transfer to both sides is free.
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You can get back 7-8% VAT from the cost of the operation.
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Fahad Mawlood

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26.03.2018 · Updated 12.12.2019

What affects the cost of breast augmentation in South Korea?

The price for breast augmentation surgery in Korea depends on:

  • The chosen clinic. The cost for breast augmentation in South Korean clinics may range within 10-15%. It is explained by international. because some medical centers have international certifications are famous far beyond Korea.
  • Doctor's experience. Plastic surgeons, who have a lot of years of experience, participate in international conferences, develop new techniques, and have positive feedback from patients, may ask for a higher fee. Due to this, the price of breast augmentation increases.
  • Type of breast implant. The main types of breast implants applied in South Korea are saline and silicone ones. Choose the most appropriate option after consulting with your doctor. But note that the cost of silicone implants in Korea will be a little higher compared to the price of saline ones.

Fill out a form on Bookimed website to get a personalized price for breast enhancement from Korean clinics. This option is free.

What does the price for breast augmentation in South Korea include?

The package for breast augmentation in South Korea varies from clinic to clinic. Some medical centers offer a more extended program, some less. But usually, the price includes:

  • the breast augmentation itself
  • implants
  • doctor's fee
  • medications.

The special garment, medical tests, accommodation, transfer, language assistance are paid additionally.

How is Korean boob job processed?

To do breast augmentation in South Korea, a patient needs to undergo tests to exclude contraindications to a surgery (HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, diabetes, syphilis, etc.). A woman arrives at a Korean clinic and goes through a preoperative examination.

The next day, the breast augmentation procedure is performed. Breast enlargement in Korea is carried out for 1-2 hours under local (for lipofilling) and general anesthesia (for implanting).

A patient stays in a hospital or a hotel for 1 day and then is dismissed. In a week after the breast enlargement, a woman comes to a doctor to remove the stitches and estimate the result. Then she can return home.

The swelling disappears in 2 weeks in 80% of cases, the scars - from several months to 1 year.

Plastic surgeons in Korea perform breast augmentation with:

  • implants
  • own patient fat (lipofilling).

Korean breast augmentation with implants

Plastic surgeons apply hypoallergenic Korean breast implants which are reliable and safe. There are two implant shapes:

  • anatomic-like ones which are mainly for slim women with little breast (0-1 size)
  • round ones are used for women with bigger breast (2-3 size) or sagging.

The implants can be placed:

  • under the breast muscle if a woman is planning to have children and breastfeed
  • under the mamma gland if a woman is not planning to have children in the future.

Breast augmentation with implants in Korea is considered a simple procedure with a 99% success rate.

Breast augmentation in South Korea with lipofilling

  • Korean doctors specialize in lipofilling breast enlargement. Doctors take patient’s fat (from the belly or hips) and shape breasts using it. The injected fat adds volume in certain areas and nourishes the skin.
  • Lipofilling is less traumatic procedure than breast augmentation with implants. The lipofilling result lasts only for 2 years; then a patient needs to do a correction. Breasts can only be enlarged by 1 size with this method.
  • Fat injection breast augmentation cost includes preoperative tests, anesthesia, 1-day hospital stay, postoperative care.
  • Only a doctor can determine the most suitable breast augmentation option in your particular case.

How to get a personalized cost for breast augmentation surgery in Korea?

On this page, you can find the prices for breast augmentation in South Korea. In some cases, they can change according to currency fluctuations or patient's preferences.

To get a personalized price for boob job in Korea, submit a request on Bookimed website. Our manager will send your medical records and photos to Korean clinics to estimate a final bill. This option is free.

Need help?

Medical coordinators consult you and help to make the right choice. Bookimed services are free for you and do not affect the clinic's bill.

Why do patients choose South Korea for breast implants?

The breast enlargement in Korea has the following advantages:

  • Top country for plastic surgery. South Korean clinics perform breast augmentation and other procedures with up to 100% success rate. This is one of the best indexes in the world.
  • Experienced doctors. International specialists, who perform breast enhancement in South Korea, undergo long-term practice in their own country, and then improve their skills in Europe or the USA.
  • International recognition. The clinics, where a boob job is carried out, have special accreditation that allows providing the procedure for international patients.

Submit a request to get a personalized cost of breast augmentation in South Korea or to get more info on the operation. This option is free.

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