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How is breast augmentation in Thailand processed?

The breasts can be enlarged to 2-3 sizes in most of the cases. If a woman wants bigger breast, she should discuss it individually with a doctor.

Breast augmentation in Thailand includes such steps: preoperative preparation, boob job process, and postoperative survey. In general, a patient needs to stay in Thailand for 10 days.

Preoperative preparation

A patient arrives at Thai clinic for breast augmentation and undergoes following preoperative tests (they are usually included in the breast enlargement price in Thailand) for 1 day:

  • consultation with a plastic surgeon
  • mammography and breast ultrasound
  • blood tests to detect/exclude HIV, hepatitis, syphilis
  • ECG
  • consultation with an anesthesiologist.

Some tests may be required to be done at home and results brought in Thailand. More information about preparation for breast enlargement in Thailand you may receive by submitting a request on Bookimed.

Boob job process

If a patient does not have any contraindications to breast enlargement, a doctor develops surgery tactics. An operation is assigned the next day after a complete examination.

A plastic surgeon draws contours of the future incisions; then a patient is administered general anesthesia. The surgery takes 1-2 hours. Boob job process in Thailand includes the following steps:

  • a doctor makes an incision preparing a “pocket” for the implant. It can be made in the base of the breast, areola or the armpit); the implant is placed inside
  • a doctor stitches the incision with a suture
  • drainage is installed to withdraw blood and prevent hematoma.

Then the special gauze bandage is worn to support the breasts and avoid stretching for 2 weeks. A patient stays in a hospital for one day and then is dismissed.

Postoperative period

A patient returns home. In 3-4 weeks a woman can lead the usual lifestyle. The swelling disappears in 10-14 days, the scars — in 4-12 months.

Side effects of breast enlargement

Boob job in Thailand is considered a simple surgery, but in rare cases, such side effects may be observed:

  • prolonged pain
  • changing of nipples sensitivity
  • temporary appearance of milk out the nipples.

Strictly follow doctor’s recommendations to avoid side effects.

What are the options for a boob job in Thailand?

Breast augmentation in Thailand is performed applying high-quality safe implants.

There are two types of implants shape:

  • Anatomical breast implant. It has a more natural shape and is suitable for slim ladies with small breasts and a narrow chest.
  • Round implant is suitable for women with the initial 2nd breast size or in case of sagging.

The implants can be filled with:

  • silicone
  • saline
  • gel.

The breast implant cost in Thailand depends on the filler type. Only a patient can decide which type can be used in your particular case.

The access for placing of breast implants in Thailand is defined by a doctor and depends on body features. Implants can be placed through:

  • areola
  • armpit
  • under the breast
  • .

The implant can be placed under:

  • the muscle (if a woman plans to have children and breastfeed in the future)
  • the mamma (if a woman does not plan to have children).

The implant can be placed under:

  • the muscle (if a woman plans to have children and breastfeed in the future)
  • the mamma (if a woman does not plan to have children).

What affects the prices for breast augmentation in Thailand?

The prices for breast augmentation in Thailand depend on:

  • The place for a breast enhancement. The cost for a boob job may range from city to city. The cheapest prices for the procedure are in small towns, the highest — in big or tourists-attracting cities (Bangkok, Pattaya, etc.)
  • Doctor's experience. The more experienced and famous doctor is, the higher fee he/she may ask. This fact increases the overall breast augmentation price in Thailand.
  • Additional services. Such services as language assistance, accommodation, meals garment are paid additionally in most of the cases.

  • Travel charges. Include the charges for the flight tickets to the cost of breast augmentation in Thailand to control your financial wastes during a medical trip.

What does the cost of breast implant surgery in Thailand include?

The price for breast augmentation surgery in Thailand includes:

  • the procedure itself
  • doctor's fee
  • medicines.

Some clinics may offer free transfer and accommodation. Submit a request to specify what services are included in the price.

How to get a personalized cost of breast enhancement in Thailand?

  1. Fill in a form on Bookimed website.
  2. Bookimed manager will contact you to know all preferences and answer your questions.
  3. You send your photos to a chosen clinic to get a personalized quote for breast augmentation in Thailand.

How much does breast augmentation cost in Thailand?


Doctors calculate the cost of the breast augmentation individually for each patient. The price may depend on the hospital's reputation and doctor's experience. You may get the final breast augmentation cost in Thailand only after the consultation with a doctor.

5 clinics are represented in the ranking. According to their data, the approximate breast augmentation cost is:

  • The average cost in Thailand is $4950. The lowest price is $3300 and the highest — $8300.
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Why do medical tourists choose Thailand for breast enhancement?

The people from all over the world choose Thai clinics for breast augmentation due to:

  • Affordable prices. The cost of breast augmentation in Thailand is considered affordable in comparison with the USA, Canada or some European countries (Austria, Switzerland). The price here is 2-3 lower than in the above-mentioned countries. This is caused by general price policy within Thailand and high competition among medical centers.
  • Experienced doctors. Due to a large amount of patients, breast augmentation has become a common surgery for Thai doctors. Local specialists also practice overseas to get new experience and implement it in Thailand.
  • Internationally approved clinics. Only clinics that have got approval from the international healthcare organizations are allowed to serve international patients.

Submit a request to get a personalized cost of breast augmentation in South Korea or to get more info on the operation. This option is free.