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The average price of fut hair transplant is $2950, the minimum price is $1000, and the maximum price is $8000.
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Feb 3, 2020

Good afternoon, dear team! The first transplantation experience was in my Republic of Kazakhstan, the city of Almaty (I will not speak about the name of the clinic and the doctor), but I will say one thing that in Istanbul the conditions and the procedure itself are much better, heaven and earth! The procedure itself took about 5-6 hours, 3400 grafts were transplanted, there was no edema and complication, everything went just fine, I want to thank all the staff separately, the team worked 100%. Добрый день, Уважаемая команда ! Первый опыт трансплантации был у меня в РК, город Алматы (акцент на название клиники и доктора говорить не буду), но скажу одно, что в Стамбуле условия и сама процедура намного лучше, небо и земля ! Сама процедура заняла около 5-6 часов, пересадили 3400 графтов, отёка и осложнения не было, всё прошло просто супер, отдельно хочу поблагодарить весь персонал, команда работала на все 100%.

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Oct 23, 2019

So other than the mishap and disorganized shuttling system Proesthe has in place, the rest of the process and procedure was like clockwork and flowed smoothly. In terms of the staff, everyone from the DR’ s panel to the technicians were so friendly, warm and accommodating, as well delicate but yet very professional at what each of them were tasked to do during the procedure.

Feb 13, 2020

Everything was fine, but the clinic did not provide a Russian-language translator. Все было хорошо, но клиника не предоставила русскоязычного переводчика.

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Nov 23, 2019

Excellent staff. Transplant is looking great so far!

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Mar 17, 2020
star star star star star

Yarim yüz germe yaptırdım. Nekadar memnun kaldım anlatamam. Çok başarılı bir doktor Gamze hanım. Çok teşekkür ederim ❤❤❤❤

Mar 7, 2019
star star star star star

Klinik personeli ve doktorlardan çok memnunum. Benim oradaki deneyimim tamamen şaşırtıcıydı.I am very satisfied with the clinic staff and doctors. My experience there was totally amazing.

Jun 25, 2018
star star star star star

Cilt bakımı, yanak bölgesine dolgu uygulaması yaptırdım. Migren icin botox yaptirdim ve cok memnun kaldim tesekkur ederim

Sep 29, 2017
star star star star star

Kaliteli ve doğru işlemin tek adresi diyebilirim 👍 yapilan işlemden çok memnun kaldım teşekkür ederim op.dr gamze bektaş op.dr.ani çinpolat

Aug 17, 2017
star star star star star

arkadaşlarımın kliniği .dolgu botox ve yüz bakımı yaptırıyorum .tavsiye ediyorum.guvenle gidebilirsiniz .

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Best FUT Hair Transplant Doctors

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Ergün Dinç
Istanbul , Turkey
Sapphire Hair Clinic
Online consultation

Request for details

Istanbul , Turkey
Sapphire Hair Clinic
The doctor specializes in the following areas:
Hair transplant specialist
Dr. Ergün Dinç is a Turkish dermatologist based in Istanbul. Provides hair transplant: FUE, DHI, HIV positive hair transplant. Work experience Since 2017 — Sapphire Hair Clinic 2016-2017 — Reyap Hospital 2013-2016 — Kırklareli State Hospital 2009-2013 — Çukurova University. Education 1990 — Mersin U ...
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