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How much does gamma knife cost ?

The average price of gamma knife is $14100, the minimum price is $4450, and the maximum price is $25200.
Turkey Germany Israel
Gamma Knife from $6000 from $9411 from $20000
Gamma Knife for brain tumor from $5000 from $9411 from $19000
  • Below average
  • Above average
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251 reviews
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65 reviews

Common procedures

Gamma Knife for brain tumor

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Best Gamma Knife Doctors

Information about doctors who accept foreign patients is provided by clinics

Pietro Mortini
Neuroradiologist Neurosurgeon Neurooncologist
Milan , Italy
San Raffaele Hospital
( 30 reviews )
Online consultation

Request for details

Milan, Italy
San Raffaele Hospital
31 years of experience
Professor Pietro Mortini is a famous Italian neurosurgeon with over 30 years of experience. Currently he works at serves patients at Ospedale San Raffaele and the Director of the Experimental Neurosurgery Unit at San Raffaele Scientific Institute. Pietro Mortini MD is also a Visiting Professor at t ...
Hale Basak Caglar
Radiation oncologist
Istanbul , Turkey
Anadolu Medical Center
( 249 reviews )
Online consultation $160
Istanbul, Turkey
Anadolu Medical Center
Prof. Hale Başak Çağlar has been serving as a radiation oncology expert and radiation oncology director at Anadolu Medical Center since 2017. Operates on:Linear accelerators Varian (Trilogy, True Beam)CyberKnife (VSI, M6 including MLC)Gamma Knife (models C and Perfexion)Education University - Gazi U ...
Selçuk Göçmen
Istanbul , Turkey
Anadolu Medical Center
( 249 reviews )
Online consultation $160
Istanbul, Turkey
Anadolu Medical Center
Assoc. Prof. Dr Göçmen is a Turkey-based neurosurgeon with over 15 years of experience. Certified expert in functional neurosurgery and Gamma Knife. Work experience Since 2017 — Neurosurgeon at Anadolu Medical Center 2014-2017 — Neurosurgeon in Private Denizli Surgery Hospital 2008-2014 — Neuros ...
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2 positive reviews on gamma knife

Khansaa Nov 8, 2018
The patient was treated of meningioma in Anadolu Medical Center

Satisfied with all the provided services. Thank you for all the support and help.

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FAQ about Gamma Knife

Fahad Mawlood

Medical editor

19.05.2015 · Updated 19.02.2019

What factors affect a Gamma Knife surgery cost?

A Gamma Knife treatment cost depends on the following factors:

  • Country for treatment. The prices for treatment with Gamma Knife varies from country to country. For instance, the most affordable therapy costs for therapy are in Turkey — 2-3 times cheaper than in South Korea or Western European countries, for instance. This is explained by a general living wage within the states, the quality of treatment remains the same.
  • Number of treatment sessions with Gamma Knife. The cost of Gamma Knife treatment depends on the size of a tumor and the number of required therapeutic sessions. Only a doctor can determine the exact Gamma Knife procedure cost in your case.

Submit a request to get a detailed price list and schedule the treatment in a chosen hospital.

What does a Gamma Knife price include?

The Gamma Knife cost is pointed for 1 cycle in the listing. Anesthesia and admission are not required. A patient can pay additionally for a consultation with a doctor.

How to get a personalized Gamma Knife radiosurgery cost?

  1. Submit a request to Bookimed. Describe your medical issue and requirements about treatment.
  2. Attach your medical records, so Bookimed manager will send them to a chosen hospital.
  3. The medical center calculates a personalized cost of Gamma Knife treatment for your case.

How to choose Gamma Knife center?

When choosing the best Gamma Knife surgery center, take into account:

  • Gamma Knife unit effectiveness for treatment of a particular disease;
  • neurologists, neurosurgeons, and radiologists qualification;
  • diagnostic program accuracy.

One more criterion is Gamma Knife treatment cost. For instance, Gamma Knife surgery price in Turkey or India is 2-3 times lower than in Europe or Korea. Despite the affordable cost, the effectiveness is the same.

Gamma Knife treatment centers work according to strict international medical protocols.

When Gamma Knife radiosurgery is prescribed?

Indications for Gamma Knife surgery

Doctors apply Gamma Knife to treat:

  • brain tumors (up to 3.5 cm in size)
  • neuralgia
  • vascular malformations
  • glaucoma and oncological eye diseases.

The latest Gamma Knife unit is applied to treat tumors of the brain and spinal cord.

Contraindications for Gamma Knife surgery

Gamma Knife is ineffective in case of big neoplasms. The method is not used if:

  • tumor size is more than 3.5 cm
  • a tumor grows rapidly
  • a neoplasm has no clear boundaries
  • a patient has increased intracranial pressure
  • a patient is in a critical condition (cerebral edema, infections, cardiovascular diseases, exacerbation of chronic diseases).

The effect of Gamma Knife treatment is delayed and can be estimated 3-6 months after irradiation.

How Gamma Knife procedure is performed?

Gamma-ray irradiation concentrates in the target determined by a radiologist. The rays affect diseased cells and stop their growth. Gamma Knife is harmless for healthy cells and surrounding tissues.

What is the difference between Gamma Knife and other methods?

Incisions are not necessary for Gamma Knife session. There is no risk of bleeding, infections or damage to healthy tissues.

Full therapeutic effect is achieved after 1 procedure. When other types if radiosurgery (CyberKnife, Novalis linear accelerator) are applied, a patient receives 5-15 treatment cycles.

The accuracy of ray influence is up to 0.3 mm.

The treatment does not require hospitalization and rehabilitation period. A patient can return to usual lifestyle right after the irradiation.

Preparation for Gamma Knife procedure

A doctor detects tumor size and location using CT or MRI. In case of vascular brain malformations, specialists conduct angiography.

Before irradiation, a radiologist develops a treatment plan using MRI and angiography data. This plan is sent to Gamma Knife unit console.

The Gamma Knife radiosurgery cost is calculated after the complete diagnostics.

Gamma Knife procedure process

A patient is placed on the table. A doctor fixes the head in the special stereotactic frame. Soft sedatives are injected so a patient feels comfortable.

The apparatus directs the irradiation inside the tumor. It detects tumor size according to the treatment plan and coordinates frame.

The treatment takes from 10 minutes to several hours. The duration depends on the number of targets, their shape, and size. It also affects the Gamma Knife treatment cost.

During therapy, a doctor controls and communicates with a patient through video/audio monitoring.

After irradiation

When the procedure is over, a patient can return to usual lifestyle. The effect is not immediate, so a patient needs to undergo regular MRI. This way a doctor observes Gamma Knife therapy efficiency.

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