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How much does cyberknife cost ?

The average price of cyberknife is $8700, the minimum price is $10, and the maximum price is $18000.
Turkey Germany Israel
CyberKnife from $4400 from $9411 from $18000
CyberKnife for brain tumor from $4400 - from $18000
CyberKnife for prostate cancer from $6000 from $17646 -
CyberKnife for lung cancer from $6000 - -
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  • Above average
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Best CyberKnife Doctors

Information about doctors who accept foreign patients is provided by clinics

Hale Basak Caglar
Radiation oncologist
Istanbul , Turkey
Anadolu Medical Center
( 249 reviews )
Online consultation $160
Istanbul, Turkey
Anadolu Medical Center
Prof. Hale Başak Çağlar has been serving as a radiation oncology expert and radiation oncology director at Anadolu Medical Center since 2017. Operates on:Linear accelerators Varian (Trilogy, True Beam)CyberKnife (VSI, M6 including MLC)Gamma Knife (models C and Perfexion)Education University - Gazi U ...
Shaunak Valame
Clinical oncologist
Nashik , India
HCG Manavata Cancer Centre
Online consultation

Request for details

Nashik, India
HCG Manavata Cancer Centre
Dr. Shaunak completed his MD in Internal Medicine from Shyam Shah Medical College, Rewa (2012-15) followed by a Senior Residency in the same department. He worked as Registrar in Medical Oncology in Jawaharlal Nehru Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Bhopal (2016-17) He has completed his DNB, Medi ...
Raj Nagarkar
Clinical oncologist Surgical oncologist Breast surgeon
Nashik , India
HCG Manavata Cancer Centre
Online consultation

Request for details

Nashik, India
HCG Manavata Cancer Centre
"Adding life to years" is the principle we firmly believe in. We aim not only in curing the patients but also improving their quality of life. We don't believe in adding only years to life but also good, healthy life to years." Dr. Raj has received his Surgical Oncology training at the Prestigious T ...
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7 positive reviews on cyberknife

Valentin Sep 20, 2019
The patient was treated of prostate cancer in Anadolu Medical Center

I'm still in the clinic (passed the diagnosis, and now the treatment) Thanks to the coordinator Julia for advice on choosing a clinic and support) я пока в клинике ( прошел диагностику, а сейчас лечение) Спасибо координатору Юлии за советы с выбором клиники и поддержку)

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Татьяна Доценко Oct 27, 2019

Здравствуйте,Валентин! У моего мужа рак простаты . Он не может определиться ,где лучше проходить лечение. Я настаиваю на одной из клиник Германии, где делают операции Кибер Ножом. Какие у вас впечатления от клиники? Очень хотелось бы с вами связаться. От души желаю выздоровления. С уважением. Татьяна.

Marta Volvak Bookimed medical coordinator Oct 27, 2019

Добрый день, Татьяна! Лечение в каждом случае подбирается индивидуально. Для того чтобы определить какая тактика лечения будет показана вашему мужу нужно больше деталей о медицинской ситуации. Наш профильный доктор-координатор свяжется с вами для того, чтобы уточнить детали и помочь вам с выбором клиники.

Anonymous May 21, 2015
The patient was treated of breast cancer in Assuta Medical Center

I want to say a few words of gratitude to prof. Fleis and Assuta's staff.
My diagnosis is breast cancer. I chose the clinic on the Internet. I contacted directly through the contact form. I was promptly told, informed of the price. Answered all questions, how to get on treatment. Everything suited me and decided to go. The level of equipment is simply unreal! The treatment itself went very well. In principle, everyone is happy, the price, compared to Europe, is very loyal. I advise!
Хочу сказать отдельные слова благодарности проф. Флису и персоналу Ассуты.

Мой диагноз – рак груди. Клинику я выбирал по интернету. Связался напрямую через контактную форму. Мне быстро ответили, сообщили цену. Ответили на все вопросы, как попасть на лечение. Меня все устроило и решился ехать. Уровень оборудования – просто нереальный! Само лечение прошло очень хорошо. В принципе всем доволен, цена, по сравнению с Европой, очень лояльная. Советую!

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Anonymous May 21, 2015

Good afternoon! I want to say thank you to all those people who helped me organize the treatment in Israel at the Suraski Clinic. It was thanks to them that I easily transferred all the organizational issues. As for the treatment itself, everything went very successfully and smoothly, without a hitch and hitch. Thanks to Israeli doctors, I managed to avoid surgery and prolonged rehabilitation. Добрый день!
Хочу сказать спасибо всем тем людям, кто помог мне организовать лечение в Израиле в Клинике Сураски. Именно благодаря им я легко перенес все оргвопросы.
Что касается самого лечения, то все прошло очень успешно и гладко, без сучка и задоринки.
Благодаря израильским врачам мне удалось избежать операции и длительной реабилитации.

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Ruslan Nov 7, 2018
The patient was treated of gliomatosis in LIV Hospital

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FAQ about CyberKnife

Fahad Mawlood

Medical editor

19.05.2015 · Updated 05.03.2019

CyberKnife is a system for quick and accurate non-surgical treatment of the brain, lung, prostate tumors. CyberKnife unit is produced by Accuray American company which regularly improves a device to make it more effective, comfortable, and safe for a patient. Nowadays, there are 4 generations of CyberKnife. M6 and VSI are the latest.

The procedure is painless and does not require the incisions. The treatment principle is based on the targeted influence of radioactive irradiation on a malignant tissue.

What diseases are treated with CyberKnife?

The system influences benign and malignant tumors in any part of the body. It is applied to treat:

  • brain pathologies (meningioma, angioma, acoustic neuroma, uveal melanoma, trigeminal neuralgia)
  • spine pathologies (meningioma, neurinoma)
  • cancer (lung, liver, kidney, prostate)
  • metastases (brain, spinal, lung, liver, kidney, prostate).

The location of the tumor affects the average cost of CyberKnife treatment.

Indications for CyberKnife therapy:

  • small tumor with clear boundaries located in the organ with dense structure (the liver, lung, brain)
  • impossibility to conduct open surgery because of hard-to-reach tumor location or patient’s health condition
  • relapse of cancer disease.

Contraindications for treatment:

  • neoplasm over 4 cm
  • an absence of clear visualization of a tumor
  • tumors of hollow organs
  • individual patients’ features.

Side effects appear rarely. Fatigue, nausea, small swelling in the area of irradiation may occur. The tissues are not damaged.

How to choose CyberKnife center?

While choosing a hospital for CyberKnife treatment, pay attention to:

  • CyberKnife modification. Most hospitals are equipped with CyberKnife M6 or VSI. M6 is the newest modification, has higher accuracy, adapts to a patient breath and movement during irradiation. VSI is a previous model of CyberKnife M6; it also influences a tumor accurately but is less adaptive. So if you need the treatment with the latest CyberKnife M6, chose hospitals where it is used. Pay attention that the price of treatment, in this case, may be higher.
  • CyberKnife treatment cost. The price is not a key factor to choose a CyberKnife center. Very often, the CyberKnife surgery cost may be higher, but is performed on the older device. For instance, the procedure cost on the latest CyberKnife M6 in Turkey may be 20-30% cheaper than on the older modifications applied in Germany. The price policy in a hospital significantly depends on the local citizens’ income within a particular country, not a quality of medical services.
  • Hospital location. If you want to get to the chosen hospital as soon as possible and feel comfortable, do not choose medical centers in the countries far from your native one.

If you have questions regarding CyberKnife center, submit a request on Bookimed.

What does the CyberKnife treatment cost depend on?

The price of CyberKnife treatment is affected by the following factors:

  • CyberKnife modification. The treatment with CyberKnife M6 will 10-15% higher than with CyberKnife VSI (older modification). However, the characteristics of these devices are about the same, but CyberKnife M6 provides the most precise irradiation.
  • The place for treatment. The CyberKnife treatment cost differs from country to country. European hospitals offer the same procedure 2 times more expensive than Turkish ones. It is determined by general price policy within the states. You can get treatment by CyberKnife M6 (the newest modification) in Turkey 50% cheaper than on CyberKnife VSI (older modification) in Germany or Spain.

If you need to know how much CyberKnife treatment costs in your case, submit a request.

What does the cost of CyberKnife treatment include?

The prices for CyberKnife treatment given on this page are pointed per a session. Only 1 cycle of irradiation is required. The cost usually includes the procedure itself.

Such additional services as accommodation, transfer, medical examination, consultation with a doctor, are paid additionally.

What is the average cost of CyberKnife treatment?

The average cost of CyberKnife treatment is $10,600 according to the data provided by hospitals. Depending on the country and medical center, the price may be lower or higher.

How long does the CyberKnife treatment last?

The treatment course consists of 1 CyberKnife session. The duration of session is 30-120 minutes. The CyberKnife treatment cost depends on the therapy length.

How is CyberKnife treatment performed?

Preparation for CyberKnife treatment

A patient undergoes MRI, CT or PET-CT before CyberKnife therapy. A doctor may administer special markers inside or near the tumor to increase the accuracy of influence.

CyberKnife operation process

During the operation, a patient is placed on the special table. He/she breathes calm and tries not to move. The irradiation starts. A computer regulates the location of the linear accelerator and intensity of irradiation. Patients with claustrophobia and children are sedated with light drugs.

After the procedure

A patient returns home in several hours after the procedure. In the case of oncological diseases treatment, additional medical observation may be required. The following 6-9 months a tumor reduces up to the complete disappearance.

CyberKnife vs GammaKnife: pros and cons

GammaKnife is a precursor of CyberKnife. GammaKnife cannot adapt to the movements of a patient and requires the fixation of the body while CyberKnife does. This allows affecting the pathology more precise without damaging healthy cells.

Innovative CyberKnife units control patient’s movements (i.g. breathing) and accurately irradiate a tumor.

CyberKnife can be applied as a primary treatment option for early stages of an oncological disease. It also can be combined with surgical treatment and chemotherapy.

How to get treatment by CyberKnife in the shortest term?

  1. Compare the CyberKnife hospitals listed on this page and choose the most adequate for you.
  2. Submit a request specifying your medical problem and purpose of the treatment.
  3. Bookimed manager contacts you and schedule your treatment in the chosen CyberKnife hospital.

Bookimed services are free for a patient. We cooperate with best medical facilities worldwide directly.

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