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How much does knee replacement cost?

The average price of knee replacement is $11200, the minimum price is $1150, and the maximum price is $27200.
Turkey Mexico Israel
Knee replacement from $4000 - from $17000
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 St. Zdislava Hospital
Total price
St. Zdislava Hospital Czech Republic, Velke Mezirici
Medical procedures Included
Knee replacement
Preoperative consultation based on the submitted documents (X -RAY is obligated to send). Preoperative examination: Therapist's consultation Laboratory tests analysis X-ray Otolaryngology and dentistry examinations Consultation with the anesthesiologist The operation (120 minutes) under general anesthesia and implant ZimmerBiomet, Lima, Matys, Johnson & Johnson (including ceramics) Medications, supplies and blood products Daily visits of the orthopedist ,final examination Final medical Statement for further observation .
Horovice Hospital
Total price
$11000 $12000
Horovice Hospital Czech Republic, Horovice
Medical procedures Included
Knee replacement
- Evaluation of the sent medical documentation via email - indications for surgery - Transfer from and to the airport after the end of the hospitalization, or within the contracted hospital facilities - Pre-operative examination upon arrival to the Czech Republic - Accommodation during the pre-operative examination - Hospitalization in the orthopaedic department and initial medical examination - Full board – choice of two meal courses - Medical Concierge service to the maximum extent necessary and interpretation in English – rounds, accompaniment to procedures - Anaesthesia - Daily rounds - Consumables – bandages, plasters, blood derivatives - Implant (standard use) - Final examination and discharge report in English For a better recovery and a faster return to everyday life, we recommend our clients to undergo subsequent orthopaedic rehabilitation at the Rehabilitation Hospital of Beroun.

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Questions and answers

What is the recovery time for knee replacement?

Mario Bertoli
15 years of experience
Velke Mezirici , Czech Republic
Robotic Surgery Center in St. Zdislava Hospital

The recovery time depends on the case. Usually, its duration ranges between 3-6 months, depending on a patient’s lifestyle. For instance, people working in the office and sitting recover faster than those who need to stand or move a lot during the day.

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Best Knee replacement Doctors

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Ahmet Fatih Parmaksizoglu
Istanbul , Turkey
NP Istanbul Brain Hospital
( 12 reviews )
Online consultation

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Istanbul, Turkey
NP Istanbul Brain Hospital
Rafael González-Adrio Wagner
Orthopedist Orthopedic surgeon
Barcelona , Spain
Centro Médico Teknon
( 256 reviews )
Online consultation

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Barcelona, Spain
Centro Médico Teknon
24 years of experience
Ahmet Kiral
Istanbul , Turkey
Anadolu Medical Center
( 265 reviews )
Online consultation

Request for details

Istanbul, Turkey
Anadolu Medical Center
30 years of experience
Prof. Ahmet Kıral has been working as an orthopedics and traumatology specialist at Anadolu Medical Center since 2008.Prof. Ahmet Kıral completed his medical education at Hacettepe University Medical School, and his specialty education at GATA Orthopedics and Traumatology Department. He became assoc ...
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6 positive reviews on knee replacement

Tatyana Nov 11, 2020
The patient underwent knee replacement in Helios Park Hospital Leipzig

My 78-year-old mom underwent knee replacement surgery in June 2020. In general, the operation was successful. The ward is excellent, shower, toilet, refrigerator, super bed, TV, Russian channel. Clean and comfortable. The food is also great to choose from. Enough for both the patient and the visitors. Fruits, juices, water, tea, coffee in unlimited quantities. The staff are mostly polite and professional. But we were demanding patients, my mother was a doctor in the past and did not take any medicine or procedure until they explained what it was and why. This of course made the staff unnerving. People everywhere are people, some pretended not to understand. German doctors are professionals, but don't expect warmth and sincerity. We were very lucky, we met two Russian-speaking doctors, Sergei Leontiev and Tatiana Gindensperger. I am endlessly grateful to them! Despite their busyness, they found time for conversation and support, which is very important for an elderly person, the word also heals! Since the clinic is large, there is a service that picks up their wards and takes them to the office for examination, they leave them there, and at the end they are taken away again. This can take about an hour, you have to be prepared. Many things on demand or on demand, you also need to know. In general, the operation was successful, but there were problems due to age and concomitant diseases. We stayed in the clinic for longer and had additional examinations, which, accordingly, led to an increase in the bill. The bill is one third higher than the preliminary estimate. This is certainly an unpleasant moment. Маме 78 лет провели операцию по замене коленного сустава в июне 2020. В целом операция прошла успешно. Палата отличная, душ, туалет, холодильник, супер кровать, телевизор, русский канал. Чисто, уютно. Еда тоже отличная на выбор. Достаточно и для больного и для посетителей. Фрукты, соки, вода, чай, кофе в неограниченных количествах. Персонал в основном вежливый и профессиональный. Но мы были требовательные пациенты, мама в прошлом врач и ни одно лекарство или процедуру не принимала, пока не объяснят, что это и зачем. Это конечно нервировало персонал. Люди везде люди, некоторые делали вид, что не понимают. Немецкие врачи профессионалы, но теплоты и душевности не ждите. Нам очень повезло, мы встретили двух русскоговорящих врачей, Сергей Леонтьев и Татьяна Гинденспергер. Я им благодарна бесконечно! Несмотря на свою занятость, находили время для разговора и поддержки, что очень важно для пожилого человека, слово тоже лечит! Так как клиника большая, есть сервис, которые забирает их палаты и отвозит к кабинету для обследования, там оставляют и по окончании забирают опять. Это может длиться около часа, надо быть готовым. Многие вещи по требованию или по запросу, тоже надо знать. В целом операция прошла успешно, но были проблемы в силу возраста и сопутствующих заболеваний. Пробыли в клинике дольше и были дополнительные обследования, что соответственно привело к увеличению счета. Счет на треть выше предварительной сметы. Это конечно неприятный момент.

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Anonymous Sep 26, 2019
The patient underwent knee replacement in Robotic Surgery Center in St. Zdislava Hospital

I liked everything very much and the care and professionalism of the staff in the clinic, thanks a lot to Maxim for his help in selecting the clinic for my visit. Все очень понравилось и уход и профессионализм персонала в клинике, спасибо большое Максиму за помощь в подборе клиники для моего визита.

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Mohammed Sep 19, 2018
The patient underwent knee replacement in BLK Super Speciality Hospital

Mom and I done surgery in B. L. K hospital in Delhi which was amazing experience for both of us the attention and care of the doctors and the staff help to reduce the amount of pain you feel. I noticed that bookimed just introduced me to the hospital but not active and effective enough specially in my case that is why I gave it low rating and gave full mark rating to the hospital

Ahmed May 15, 2019
The patient was treated of knee arthritis in Hospital Quiron Barcelona

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2 negative reviews on knee replacement

Albert Mar 5, 2019
The patient underwent knee replacement in Asklepios St. Georg Clinic

The clinic is probably a good one, but everything was organized very illiterate and ugly, I planned to get to a specific doctor, who eventually turned out not to receive in this clinic, nobody told me about this, I was examined, I did not need. Клиника, возможно и хорошая, но все было организовано очень неграмотно и некрасиво, я планировал попасть к конкретному доктору, который в итоге, оказалось, что не принимает в этой клинике, информацию об этом мне никто не сообщил, я прошел обследование, которое по факту мне было не нужно.

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User Apr 9, 2019

альберт привет слушай у меня к тебе вопрос после того как ты сделал мрт головного мозга на бумаге с результатами обследования было всё написанно на немецком языке ?

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FAQ about Knee replacement

Fahad Mawlood

Medical editor

18.08.2017 · Updated 07.11.2019

Why these hospitals for knee replacement are considered the best?

  • High results. Over 98% of patients are satisfied with the results of the knee replacement surgery.
  • Excellent quality of the implants. Orthopedists replace the implants produced by the leading companies such as Zimmer, DePuy J&J,and Biomed.
  • Revolutionary technologies. MAKOplasty is an innovative device for the best knee replacement. It is a robot-assisted surgery that chooses the most suitable implant for patient’ joint structure.
  • Economy. Some hospitals offer the package prices for surgery to save money.Some centers are located in the countries where the average price policy is lower: the knee replacement cost in the Czech Republic is 2 times lower than in Germany.
  • Comfortable in-hospital stay. The best doctors for knee replacement surgery provide an individual approach of care for each patient. During the recovery, a patient stays in a cozy ward looking like 5-star hotel room.
  • Simultaneous knee and hip endoprosthesis. Patients have an opportunity to undergo knee and hip replacements at one and the same moment.

✔️ Learn details about the best hospitals for knee replacement in the world listed. Choose the most appropriate variant for you.

What is knee replacement?

Knee replacement (arthroplasty) is a surgery when an orthopedist removes damaged cartilage or bone parts and change it with endoprosthesis (artificial knee joint or implant). Orthopedists of the best hospitals for knee replacement renew the joint functions and return a patient to the healthy life without pain.

What is the best country for knee replacement surgery?


This country is a leader in endoprosthetics in Europe and one of the best places for the knee replacement surgery in the world according to the knee replacement reviews.

Orthopedists of German best hospitals for knee replacement surgery develop new models of artificial joints. It reduces hospitalization period and number of side effects after the total knee replacement, arthroplasty.

The materials and techniques applied during the procedure are high qualitative. German best doctors for the knee replacement surgery have vast experience and work under strict treatment guidelines. It makes the operation safe and effective. The lifespan of German prosthesis is over 25 years.


Israel is one of the best countries for the knee replacement surgery. Over 90% of the patients treated in Israeli clinics does not feel the difference between the natural and artificial knee joints according to the knee replacement reviews.

Orthopedists develop the innovative methods for the best knee replacement to minimize side effects and complications. Specialists' unchallenged reputation causes the extensiveness of the procedure in the country. Israeli orthopedists are among the best doctors for knee replacement surgery in the world according to Forbes magazine.


Turkey is among the best places for the knee replacement surgery conforming to the knee replacement reviews. Turkish orthopedists perform the successful knee replacement surgeries applying revolutionary approaches and technologies.

The MAKOplasty technique is one of the most innovative for the partial or total knee replacement (arthroplasty) in the world. It is a robotic technology for reducing the pain of the damaged knee joints. The muscles and cords are not injuried during the procedure. In agreement with the knee replacement reviews, the healing process is accelerated significantly after the MAKOplasty procedure.


This country is the cheapest direction for the best knee replacement worldwide. You may save up to 80% without quality loss here. Moreover, only the implants made of highly qualitative material are used in Indian best hospitals for knee replacement.

Indian orthopedists are distinguished among the best doctors for knee replacement surgery worldwide. They have vast experience and undergo international training. Specialists follow strict protocols that ensures your safety during the procedure. They are also engaged in the development of innovative methods and medications.


Italian medical facilities are among the world's best hospitals for the knee replacement. Orthopedists here perform highly qualitative knee replacement surgeries and follow strict international protocols. It guarantees your safety and satisfactory results.

Italian orthopedists have investigated small implants for the knee operations. It allows to avoid making large incisions and reduces the blood loss during the procedure. This operation is minimally invasive. Conforming to the knee replacement reviews, small implants method promotes hospitalization and rehabilitation periods. Because of Italian specialists contribution in orthopedics development, they are recognized as the best doctors for knee replacement surgery.

What are criteria for choosing the best hospital for knee replacement?

  1. Accreditation. Hospitals with this certification offer only high-quality and effective treatment. The best hospitals for knee replacement surgery have the accreditation.
  2. Experience and international internship of the surgeons. The best doctors for knee replacement surgery have undergone the courses in other countries. They use only modern approaches and technologies providing knee replacement surgeries.
  3. Cutting-edge equipment helps to make an accurate diagnosis and achieve the best knee replacement results.

How to choose the best hospital for knee arthroplasty?

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