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How much do Oncology procedures cost in Italy?

Costs of oncology procedures in Italy
Procedures Prices
Bone marrow transplantation $181100
MRI of one area $300 - $520

The total cost is estimated individually and can vary according to the severity of illness, complications (if they occur), hospital type, and doctor’s qualification. You’ll get the exact price for oncology procedures after medical tests and consultation with a doctor.

Highly rated Oncology clinics in Italy

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Review on stomach cancer treatment. The patient from Italy had the medical trip in 2018.

The professionalism of the doctors, the newest equipment, the care of the clinic staff are among the best in Europe. The treatment and operations in Russia and Germany have been carried out, I declare with all responsibility that the San Rafael clinic in Milan is the best. After treating my father’s stomach cancer, I visited the neurologist and gastroenterologist and myself. Thank you so much to the coordinator, the doctors from the international department of the clinic. More in the world of such doctors. THANK YOU! Профессионализм врачей,новейшее оборудование,внимательность персонала клиники одни из самых лучших в Европе.проходили лечение и операции в России и Германии,со всей ответственностью заявляю,что клиника Сан-Рафаэле в Милане-лучшая. После лечения рака желудка у моего отца,посетила врачей невролога и гастроэнтеролога и сама.Спасибо огромное координатору,врачам из международного отдела клиники.Вы-настоящие профессионалы.Онкологу ,хирургу,гастроэнтрологу,неврологу,всему медицинскому персоналу клиники Сан-Рафаэле- низкий поклон.побольше бы в мире таких врачей.СПАСИБО!

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12 reviews


Prostate cancer

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When is surgery recommended for cancer?

Raj Nagarkar
21 years of experience
Nashik , India
HCG Manavata Cancer Centre

Surgery is often thought to be the gold standard treatment for cancer. It is the best treatment modality for solid tumors to remove them totally with adequate safe margins (R0 Resection in surgical terms). However, surgery may not be the first choice in cancers that have progressed locally or advanced cancers in which cancerous cells have spread to other parts of the body. Chemotherapy may be used in such cancers to downgrade the disease so that surgery can be planned as a second-stage treatment. In short, patients with early and localized diseases are the ideal candidates for upfront surgery with or without postoperative radiation or chemotherapy. We must remember that cancer treatment is getting rid of the disease surgically and restoring that area's proper form, function, and esthetics. Hence, reconstructive surgery also plays a significant role in cancer management.

Do your patients ever fully recover from cancer?

Full recovery from cancer is a debatable topic. When one is affected by cancer, there is always a chance of the disease coming back sooner or later. We have treated over 90,000 cancer patients for 14 years in Nashik, Maharashtra. Many patients lived disease-free during their entire follow-up period. Some had recurrences after the prompt and adequate treatment. A few with very advanced disease and late presentation, unfortunately, succumbed to the disease. Curing cancer is our ultimate goal, but we also believe in "adding life to the years." Regardless of the number of years a patient might live, there should be no compromise in their life quality.

What is the success rate of robotic surgeries in India?

Our team has performed 410 robotic surgeries in 16 months with a greater than 99% success rate. We have performed robotic surgeries for both malignant and non-malignant diseases, including bariatric surgery. These surgeries come with an increased success rate and minimal morbidity; hence they are highly preferred by the patients.

What makes India so strong in cancer treatment?

The Indian Council of Medical Research projected a total of 1.39 million new cancer patients in 2021, making cancer one of the most common ailments for the Indians. The main problem in cancer treatment is the exuberant expense, especially in developed countries. India provides all the latest treatments (surgical and non-surgical) at a much lower cost than most countries. Treatment quality is not compromised and is as effective as in other countries. Most Indian doctors are dedicated to their work and patients and are experienced, highly trained, and surgically skilled. 

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The Best Oncology Doctors in Italy, remote doctor's consultation

Information about doctors who accept foreign patients is provided by clinics

Pietro Mortini
Neuroradiologist Neurosurgeon Neurooncologist
Milan , Italy
San Raffaele Hospital
( 32 reviews )
Online consultation

Request for details

Milan, Italy
San Raffaele Hospital
31 years of experience
Professor Pietro Mortini is a famous Italian neurosurgeon with over 30 years of experience. Currently he works at serves patients at Ospedale San Raffaele and the Director of the Experimental Neurosurgery Unit at San Raffaele Scientific Institute. Pietro Mortini MD is also a Visiting Professor at t ...
Vanesa Gregorc
Clinical oncologist
Milan , Italy
San Raffaele Hospital
( 32 reviews )
Online consultation $396
Milan, Italy
San Raffaele Hospital
Doctor Vanesa Gregorc is a Senior Consultant at the Department of Oncology and at the Research Division of Molecular Oncology at the San Raffaele Research Hospital in Milan. Has over 20 years of experience in chemotherapeutic drugs development for the treatment of solid tumours, specifically lung an ...
Massimo Falconi
Surgical oncologist Gastrointestinal surgeon Pancreatic surgeon
Milan , Italy
San Raffaele Hospital
( 32 reviews )
Online consultation

Request for details

Milan, Italy
San Raffaele Hospital
30 years of experience
Professor Massimo Falconi is a gastrointestinal oncologist with over 30 years of experience. Professor Falconi is among leading Italian specialists in treatment of pancreatic diseases. The doctor practices at Ospedale San Raffaele in Milan. Massimo Falconi’s Specialty Professor Falconi is an expert ...
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14 positive reviews on oncology in Italy

Shakiha Aug 27, 2021
The patient was treated of meningioma in San Raffaele Hospital

بصراحة أود شكر الفريق الطبي باكمله في مستشفى سان رفائييل قسم جراحة المخ والاعصاب بقيادة الخبير البروفيسور دكتور مورتيني شكر هو من أعماق قلبي على عدة امور : مستشفى في قمة الدقة والاتقان والتنظيم وفريق طبي متميز اضافة الى ان هذا الدكتور من التواضع والخبرة والاسلوب الراقي لا اجد الكلمات المعبرة لشكره والثناء عليه هو وفريقه المساعد من الجراحين وطبيبة التخدير ووالى اصغر موظف وعامل في هذا المستشفى الانساني واتمنى لهم التوفيق والنجاح في انقاذ ارواح الناس وعلاجهم وشفائهم

Anonymous Dec 2, 2019
The patient was treated of pancreatic cancer in San Raffaele Hospital

The medical team at the hospital was very swift in formulating a second opinion based on the provided medical results, which helped us decide what the next steps should be with regards to getting the right treatment

HALYNA Jun 10, 2019
The patient was treated of melanoma in San Raffaele Hospital

The doctor caused confidence and showed high professionalism, understood all the details and documents. She appointed the newest treatment. Satisfied with the service, Katerina Bonko was constantly in touch, showed attention and care. Thanks her. Врач вызвал доверие и показал высокий профессионализм, разобралась во всех деталях и документах.Назначила новейшее лечение.
Сервисом довольна, Катерина Бонько постоянно была на связи, проявляла внимание и заботу. Спасибо ей.

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Samuel Araya May 16, 2019
The patient was treated of adenocarcinoma in San Raffaele Hospital

First of all thanks to Maryna from Bookimed with out her nothing was possible and she was supportive all the time when we needed help. The San raffaele hospital in Milan was our first choice and we didn’t regret. Prof Nigri and the all doctors was professional. DR Muriana What I can say is what a Dr he understood the family worry and explain the situation and diagnosis result and what is the best way to move forward. He is the best Dr by far I have ever seen. From the first day they were very fast and took two days for all kind of diagnosis and the third day they were ready for the surgery, so they’re very fast. Negative Not much to compline but their English was ok Maryna what a person she is the best she can understand a human being with their difficulties moments and try always find a solution. Thanks to her everything going well. Thank you Varvara also even if we didn’t have much contact she was helpful.


Maryna Slysarenko Bookimed medical coordinator May 16, 2019

Dear Samuel, thanks a lot for your so warm and detailed feedback. It's of a great value to find our work helpful. And as you know, we'll keep in touch for further assistance if needed. With our warmest wishes to all your family.

Med Mar 21, 2019
The patient was treated of chordoma in San Raffaele Hospital


1 negative reviews on oncology in Italy

Tony Oct 13, 2021
The patient was treated of meningioma in San Raffaele Hospital

Poor response

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Procedure Italy Turkey Germany Israel
Treatment of breast cancer
Basic Diagnostics+Surgery from 18526$ from 5370$ from 11254$ from 11384$
Basic Diagnosis + Lampectomy - from 7116$ from 18983$ from 13134$
Mastectomy With Intra Operative Sentinel Lymph Nodes Examination - from 8500$ from 14564$ -
Breast cancer diagnosis - from 1989$ - -
Treatment of lung cancer
Diagnosis + drug treatment in the presence of metastasis - from 7420$ - from 7200$
Lung Cancer Staging And Treatment Plan - from 18113$ from 27035$ from 28240$
Diagnosis And Staging For Suspected Lung Cancer - from 2849$ - from 5730$
Diagnosis And Staging For Suspected Lung Cancer - from 3502$ - -
Treatment of prostate cancer
Robotic-assisted Prostatectomy - from 14920$ - from 27595$
Special Diagnosis for Prostate Cancer - from 3901$ - -
Special Diagnosis for Prostate Cancer - from 6560$ - -
Prostate Cancer - - - from 3660$
Treatment of sarcoma
Sarcoma Staging And Treatment - from 23682$ from 42790$ from 25230$
Treatment of liver cancer
Liver Cancer Diagnosis+Surgery - from 22710$ - -
Liver cancer - from 31575$ - -
Treatment of stomach cancer
Stomach Cancer Staging And Surgery - - - from 29830$
Вiagnosis + Surgery + Chemotherapy - - - from 31940$
Gastric Cancer Diagnosis - from 2499$ - -
Treatment of brain cancer
Brain Cancer Diagnosis And Treatment - from 24460$ - from 1575$
Basic diagnosis for Brain Cancer - from 1028$ - -
Treatment of melanoma
Advanced diagnostics + Melanoma removal - from 11232$ - from 12940$
Treatment of adenocarcinoma
Lung Adenocarcinoma Staging And Surgical Treatment - from 17260$ - -
Whipple Surgery For Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma - from 28510$ - -
Gastric Adenocarcinoma Staging + Surgery - from 18230$ - -
Prostate Adenocarcinoma Treatment With Robotic-assisted Surgery - from 22180$ - -
Treatment of pancreatic cancer
Diagnosis + Surgery + Chemotherapy - from 30560$ from 47775$ from 43804$
Pancreatic cancer - from 5020$ - -
Treatment of thyroid cancer
Diagnosis + Radioiodine therapy - from 3720$ from 8115$ -
Thyroid cancer - from 7080$ - -
Treatment of ovarian cancer
Treatment of cervical cancer
Basic Diagnosis for Cervical Cancer - from 943$ - -
Treatment of rectal cancer
Treatment of larynx cancer
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