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Searching for Immunotherapy clinics? Check the ranking of 16 oncology Germany clinics based on 2 reviews, find 5 top doctors.

How much does immunotherapy cost in Germany?

The average price of immunotherapy in Germany is $6000, the minimum price is $3500, and the maximum price is $9300.
Germany Turkey Israel
Immunotherapy from $3480 from $2000 from $1140
Immunotherapy for prostate cancer - - from $2500
Immunotherapy for lung cancer - - from $1300
Immunotherapy for breast cancer - - from $1300
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Highly rated Immunotherapy clinics in Germany

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The Best Immunotherapy Doctors in Germany

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Jorg Groticke
Clinical oncologist
Bremen , Germany
Bremen-Mitte Clinic
( 35 reviews )
Online consultation $522
Bremen, Germany
Bremen-Mitte Clinic
25 years of experience
Professor Jorg Groticke is the Chief Physician of the Oncology and Hematology Center in Bremen Mitte Hospital. The Doctor specializes in the treatment of hematological malignancies and gastrointestinal tract tumors. Area of expertiseIn 1987, the Professor completed a specialization in immunology. In ...
Elke Jaeger
Hematologist Clinical oncologist
Frankfurt am Main , Germany
Nordwest Clinic (Krankenhaus)
( 49 reviews )
Online consultation $557
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Nordwest Clinic (Krankenhaus)
31 years of experience
Oncologist, Oncohematologist, Surgeon Head physician of Oncology and Hematology Center Prof. Elke Jaeger is one of the best German doctors according to Focus rating.
Dirk Schadendorf
Essen , Germany
Essen University Hospital
Online consultation

Request for details

Essen, Germany
Essen University Hospital
34 years of experience
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2 positive reviews on immunotherapy in Germany

Anonymous Aug 13, 2019
The patient was treated of ovarian cancer in Nordwest Clinic (Krankenhaus)

Those who I almost wanted - pochula, claims mute. Briefly, zrozumіlo, distinctly. So, I’m lіkar, in my menu I’ve got a list of food, I have reproved them for selling and selling them for the price of money. At the moment, the situation is checked. I myself would not have been able to organize a conference call, too, I’m setting an estimate. Dyakoy for the Bookimed project, so this wasn’t so bad. Agony to you - you will master the good Те, що я хотіла почути - почула, претензій немає. Коротко, зрозуміло, внятно.
Так-як я лікар, в мене був список питань, я отримала на них відповіді та продовжую співпрацю з цією клінікою. На данний момент чекаємо на результати обстежень.
Я б сама не змогла організувати відеоконференцію, тож задовільну оцінку ставлю. Дякую за проект Bookimed, тому що до цого такого не було. Дякую вам - вы добру справу робите

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