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TOP 32 Plastic Surgery Hospitals in Mexico

Searching for Plastic Surgery hospitals? Check the ranking of 32 Plastic Surgery clinics based on reviews, find 2 top doctors. The listing represents prices for 3 medical tests and 65 treatment procedures for Plastic Surgery

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Highly rated Plastic Surgery clinics by real patients

The hospitals ranking is based on 30 requests, prices, and information from 32 clinics

Oct 8, 2019

Dr. Munoz Meza is amazing in every way. He went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and confident with my decision to have plastic surgery. He listened to what I wanted and delivered. I was up and walking around Rosarito on postop day 4 of my mommy makeover. He has the best bed side manner and is truly an artist. THANK YOU FOR MY DREAM BODY!!!

Dec 29, 2018

Profesionalism, ethics, wonderful team, certified hospitals, great results.

Aug 10, 2018

Great Dr.! I highly recommend him. The hospital is also the best!

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Jul 11, 2013
star star star star star_border

Muy buen servicio y mucha amabilidad, cuartos grandes, tv con muchos canales, baños amplios y muy limpio. La única sugerencias es que deberían poner la TV mas centrada para que sea visible desde la sala.

Mar 20, 2016
star star star star star

Excelente atención de todo el personal y mil gracias a la Dra Linda por todas sus atenciones es una Dra excepcional , gracias Linda

Jun 20, 2016
star star star_border star_border star_border

En la clinica me trataron bien, es una clinica sencilla, vieja, pero te tratan bien. El doctor que me opero no lo recomiendo (Huesca), no le da NADA de seguimiento a sus pacientes, solo le interesa cobrar y se olvida de paciente

Aug 11, 2015
star star star star star

Excelente atención, estuve muy cómoda, las chicas de enfermería me consintieron mucho, el Dr. Manuel Huesca y todo su equipo me cuidaron muchísimo; me sentí muy segura y además estoy contentísima con los resultados!

Nov 15, 2017
star star star star star

Me hicieron una cirugía hace 3 semanas y todo estuvo de maravilla, excelentes médicos, enfermeros, instalaciones y trato.

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Jan 25, 2020
star star star star star

Has a great experience here. Staff are great hospital is very clean and the rooms are really nice.

Jan 22, 2020
star star star star star

Love this hospital and all of their Drs from Ivf to cosmetic surgery to the laboratory the pharmacy just everything and everyone is wonderful here!

Jun 12, 2019
star star star star_border star_border

We came to to Hospital Angeles from Canada for the Functional Oncology Clinic. The clinic definitely saved my husband’s life...however, you need to be prepared for less timely and reliable customer service once they get your money, and especially if you need to go back for follow-up treatments. When you try to talk to them about this, the response is, “I’m so sorry you feel this way.” No accountability and no reparation. Although they initially come across as being 100% about caring for people, please remember that it is still a business to them. It is still about the money. Just a heads up so you’re not disillusioned like we were.

Nov 29, 2018
star star star star star

I came here to visit a special friend of ours. She was an employee of the hospital (which we did not know) Our friend was hit by a car while walking across the street. She was hospitalized here and had surgery also. When we arrived the staff showed us to their little breakfast/lunch bistro area. We ordered some food and coffees and some tea. We were awaiting our turn to visit our friend. When we tried to pay for our meals and drinks we were told that it was on the hospital and that any friends of their employee (our friend) were friends of theirs also. We had a wonderful visit. We noticed how the great care our friend was receiving. The nurses were also amazing. What a great hospital. We are so happy to know our special friend worked there and received such professional and courteous service. Thank you...Jay

Jan 24, 2020
star star star star star

If left up the USA; would be for my family ONLY because of Expert Care & Treatment from Hospital De Angales..have been patient for last 5 reviews...they are not perfect & unfortunately cannot perfectly heal Anyone & Everyone...but I can tell you that I am Alive ONLY DUE TO THERE CARE (Oncology & Orthopedics)

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Nov 17, 2019
star star star star star

Best doctors, staff and eye surgery ever. My husband and nephew did the surgery yesterday and today we come back for the check up. Now, both have 20/20 vision and they are very happy. It was an awesome experience and excellent care. We are coming back in three months for last check-up and with another family member to get his surgery. I cannot express how happy we are with the results and with the whole experience. Thank you to all the staff and doctors from CODET Institute and we will see you soon.

Feb 11, 2020
star star star star star

World class. I have been coming to CODET for over ten years and have nothing but consistent and top notch care. I recently had my laser eye surgery with Dr. Chayet and things went extremely well. I couldn’t believe how quick and effective the surgery was.

Oct 29, 2019
star star star star star

The BEST of the Best! Dr Male and the CODET staff were nothing but professional and caring. Experts in their field I highly recommend them. I was so happy with the service they provided and can not say enough about how great they were! Thank you CODET -- Stella Rogers.

Sep 29, 2019
star star star star star

I know considering eye surgery is an important decision, and with so many options is hard to choose the one that best suits you. Thankfully, CODET made the decision extremely easy for me, from the moment I stepped into the building, I felt the genuine care from all of the personnel. They answered all of my questions and kept reminding me of all the care I needed to take before and after my corrective eye surgery. And who better than Dr Chayet, the main guy, to perform my surgery. Extremely satisfied with the results, do not hesitate to visit and choose them...satisfaction guaranteed.

Oct 18, 2019
star star star star_border star_border

I wish I could give zero stars. I booked my surgery 2 month ahead of time and got multiple confirmations from them that I was good to go, they even confirmed all my appointment the day of my flight. Then few minutes before getting on my airplane, they sent me a message saying that they forgot that all doctors will be gone and nobody will be able to do my surgery. This was beyond unprofessional. They knew ahead of time their doctors would be gone at a conference as they said, not 5 minutes before. I lost money for flights and hotel reservation I paid for ahead of time. I am writing an update to my story on October 18 2019: I changed my review from one star to three stars. Even though I never got my surgery, Codet CEO, Daniel, reimbursed my airfare and hotel losses by sending me a check. They at least made it right. I appreciate them caring.

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Nov 22, 2019

Excelente Dr, te explica muy buen lo que es mejor para ti de acuerdo a tu necesidad y ademas muy bonita su oficina resultados👍🏻

Dec 4, 2019

Muy buena atención, sencillez y amabilidad de parte de él y todo su equipo... Se toma el tiempo que sea necesario para explicarte 👍

Apr 25, 2018
star star star star star

Incredible results from an incredibly competent perfectionist! He has given me so much confidence and I recommend him to everyone! His bedside manner is fantastic and his skills are amazing. It has been over a year since my procedure and I'm still so happy!

Feb 16, 2020

When Dr. Aceves Website says "• Board certification • Experience • Aesthetics • An emotional connection" all are correct. I am thrilled with my mini lift. I came from Rosarito because I trust him with my face and life. He is tactful and honest. I drove back two days after my surgery. Beautiful and fast healing and my friends agree he is an artist. You can find an excellent surgeon and emotional connection in one Dr. I will only let my friends go to him because I trust and appreciate his skill and character and I know they are in good hands. No worries.

Oct 14, 2017
star star star star star

Nunca en mi vida pensé en hacerme una cirugía estética,hoy a una semana de mi cirugía blefaroplastia por bolsas bajo los ojos, puedo decir q fue la mejor decisión. Excelente atención, conocimiento y seguimiento. Súper recomendado. MUCHAS GRACIAS! �

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1-20 of 32 clinics

The Best Plastic Surgery Doctors in Mexico, remote doctor's consultation

Information about doctors who accept foreign patients is provided by clinics

Arturo Munoz Meza
Tijuana , Mexico
Dr. Arturo Munoz Meza Plastic Surgery
Online consultation

Request for details

Tijuana , Mexico
Dr. Arturo Munoz Meza Plastic Surgery
The doctor specializes in the following areas:
Plastic surgeon
Dr. Arturo Muñoz Meza is a top plastic surgeon in Mexico with over 20 years of experience. Founder of Dr. Arturo Munoz Meza Plastic Surgery in Tijuana. Specialty Dr. Meza is an expert in aesthetic, cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. Doctor’s subspecialty is weight loss surgery. Work experi ...
Marco Tulio Marroquin Batres
Guadalajara , Mexico
Salutaris Medical Center
Online consultation

Request for details

Guadalajara , Mexico
Salutaris Medical Center
The doctor specializes in the following areas:
Plastic surgeon
General surgeon
Dr. Marroquin Batres is an award-winning plastic surgeon based in Mexico. Performs facial and body plastic surgery procedures. Is certified by the Mexican Board of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery. Work experience Plastic surgeon at Salutaris Medical Center Education 2000 — The Medical ...
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Questions and answers

What is plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty that allows reconstructing, restores, or changes the human body. Plastic surgery unites two subspecialties:

  • Reconstructive plastic surgery. It is done when a patient needs to reconstruct some body parts caused by trauma, diseases, tumors, congenital deformities. Reconstructive surgery allows to restore/improve the functioning of some parts of the body and appearance.
  • Cosmetic plastic surgery. It is carried out when a patient needs only to improve the appearance not body parts structure or their functioning.

What indications are for plastic surgery?

Indications for plastic surgery depends on the case. However, there are general signs when a procedure is indicated:

  • correct cosmetic defects caused by age changes
  • improve body contour
  • get rid of excess fat
  • enlarge or reduce some parts of the body
  • improve the functioning or esthetic look of some parts of the body caused by diseases or trauma.

If you have any medical issues, get a consultation with a doctor to decide whether plastic surgery is a proper option for you. 

When plastic surgery is contraindicated?

Performing of plastic surgery can be limited or canceled if a patient has some contraindications. The most common are:

  • Oncological diseases. When plastic surgery is processed, malignant cells can be replaced by accident and cause cancer spread. Also, the risk of clotting is increased.
  • Diabetes. In the case of diabetes, the blood supply is reduced, which can lead to necrosis in the operated area.
  • Smoking. A patient needs to give up smoking at least for several weeks before and after surgery. Nicotine narrows down the vessels and capillaries reducing the blood supply of tissues. As a result, the healing process goes slow and with complications.
  • Infections. If you have any infection, you need to warn your doctor and decide whether it can be a contraindication for surgery.
  • Pregnancy. Anesthesia or some medications applied during or after surgery can negatively affect the fetus.

A patient has to discuss with a plastic surgeon all existing health problems and, if necessary, undergo the medical tests. It will help to avoid possible side effects of plastic surgery and worsening health conditions.

What is preoperative preparation for plastic surgery?

The preoperative preparation for plastic surgery includes the following steps:

  1. Arrival at a chosen plastic surgery clinic.
  2. Seeing a doctor who will perform a procedure.
  3. Medical testing (blood and urine analysis + some specific tests depending on the plastic surgery type)

If you have no contraindications for plastic surgery, a doctor appoints an operation the next day after a visit. 

How long does the recovery period take?

The length of the recovery period depends on the plastic surgery type that has been performed. On average, it takes about 2-3 weeks before a patient returns to work and daily routine life. For some surgeries, it can take a year to see a final result, get rid of swelling and scars.

Is plastic surgery safe in Mexico?

Plastic surgery is considered a safe procedure only in case you choose a qualified doctor to manage an operation. Also, you need to be realistic about the changes of your appearance and not to demand some extreme corrections of the body. To minimize complications, warn a plastic surgeon about your health conditions, some chronic diseases, infections, and bad habits.

What are the side effects of plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery does not bring many side effects in case an experienced doctor carries out a procedure. However, you have to be aware of the following side effects and risks:

  • Hematomas. This is a frequent complication that occurs after all types of surgeries, not only plastic ones. Hematomas take place in about 1% of patients after breast augmentation or facelift. 
  • Swelling. After almost all intervention a patient can observe swelling. Usually, it disappears in several weeks after surgery. In some cases, it may take place for a couple of months.
  • Blood loss. Blood loss is a rare complication that can happen on the operating table or after surgery. If you feel weakness after an operation, inform your doctor.
  • Infection. This side effect takes place in about 1-2.5% of cases. To manage this condition, antibiotics can be prescribed.
  • Nerve damage. Patients often feel the numbness of the area where the operation has been performed. In most of the cases, it is temporary, and sensitivity recovers after a while.
  • Scarring. Scarring remains visible rare. In most of the cases, it disappears over time or becomes almost invisible.
  • Thrombosis. It can happen in 0.09% of all plastic surgeries. However, this is a severe complication and some cases can be even fatal. 

Does insurance cover plastic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is rarely covered by health insurance. Things are different with reconstructive surgery: if a patient needs to correct defects of appearance caused by disease or trauma, recover the functioning of some parts of the body, the insurance will cover the cost of the procedure. 

What should you know about Mexico before the trip?


Mexican peso (you also can pay for services in dollars)

Best period for the trip



Spanish (most of medical staff speaks English fluently)


required for some countries

Time difference with Europe

7 hours

Time difference with the USA

1 hour


Mexico City

Medical tourism center

Mexico City

Popular resorts

Central and Southern Mexico

Why is Mexico trendy for medical tourism?

Mexico is also a well-known country globally due to high-skilled doctors that undergo internships in American and European institutions. Patients from the USA and Canada prefer treatment in Mexico to other places.

Highly developed medical centers and first-rate therapeutic services at affordable prices attract people from all over the world. Over 1 mln international patients travel to Mexico annually. So Mexico is among Top 10 countries with the most developed medical tourism sector.

Mexico is a top destination for medical tourists because of low-costs. You may save up to 60% on services compared to Canada or the USA due to the average local citizens' income and general price policy within the country.

What hotel services is provided here?

In Mexico, hotels of different price ranges and service levels are presented. Most tourists choose 4 and 5 star hotels with all-inclusive meals. Such hotels have everything for a comfortable stay: varied food, a large well-groomed territory, animation for children and adults. Some hotels have their own water park, which guests can use for free. Budget travelers can afford to book an economical 3-star hotel with half board or no meals at all.

What documents are required to apply for a visa to Mexico for treatment?

Visas for travel to Mexico require a number of documents. Lists of documents includes:

  • ID card
  • confirmation of online registration and filling out the questionnaire
  • certificate of income and availability of funds
  • insurance policy for a stay in Mexico (original and copy)
  • 2 photos (5x6)
  • visa receipt
  • booking of flight and hotel
  • medical opinion about the need for treatment.

Costs of plastic surgery procedures in Mexico

Procedures Prices
Brazilian Butt lift $4500 - $5650
Liposuction $1400 - $4700
Tummy Tuck $3100 - $8000
Rhinoplasty (nose job) $2400 - $6500
Breast augmentation $2500 - $8000
Mommy makeover $6000 - $9600
Breast reduction $3500 - $6000
Facelift surgery $3500 - $12000
Body Lift $5000 - $12700
FUE hair transplant $3700

The total cost is estimated individually and can vary according to the severity of illness, complications (if they occur), hospital type, and doctor’s qualification. You’ll get the exact price for plastic surgery procedures after medical tests and consultation with a doctor.
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